Carol French Jones

Carol French Jones is the daughter of an English mother and an American soldier. Growing up in North Central Texas with 5 siblings and not having a lot of money, Carol learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Her inspiration is drawn from serenity, beauty in life and nature, along with her love of people and travel.

Carol started painting at a young age after a trip to her mother’s native England. An insightful relative persuaded her to pursue art after witnessing her creativity. Carol has painted most of her life while working 30 years in corporate America. She has decided that the time has come for her to fulfill her life long dream and passion…the love of painting.

When Carol isn’t painting she can usually be found sailing her catamaran. It’s a hobby she has enjoyed for many years, connecting her to the beauty of nature and life. Her excitement for life is This same zest is reflected in her work on canvas and photography.

You can see her inner spirit come alive through her art. She has an expressive and imaginative eye and is always searching and evolving her style. The artist prefers oils and works in brush and palette knife for various effects without giving up anything in tranquility. She strives for an image that is soothing and intense with energy and color.

Artist’s Statement:

“Welcome to my world as I see it and my hands interpret it. I am fortunate and blessed to be able to share my vision with others. I believe our experience of beauty transcends our ability to speck about it. Its magic lies beyond the power of words. I hope to paint some of beauty’s healing powers, how it stirs us and how it moves and inspires us. God has given me this wonderful gift, so I could inspire other women to use their gift that God has given them. Paintings should give a ray of Hope to inspire not all the world is bad. Beauty is a gift… and most take it for granted.

I consider my work to be an extension of myself – optimistic, personable and a celebration of life. Painting energizes my soul, it has become a way of life, and I breathe and feel the transformation of colors, patterns and light. Making a blank canvas come alive is my passion, it is the journey. Capturing moments in time, whether big or small, allows you to reflect on moments and memories in your life.

I hope that my work inspires others to feel serenity, see beauty, and view life… Life as I see it, through my eyes”.

Contact Carol at:, and 817-481-4903