How to Use the Business Directory to Locate a Company

Welcome to’s Directory for Grapevine businesses, civic organizations, churches, schools and more. Each Business Directory Listing provides a company’s address, contact information, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. If you need more information regarding a business, you may connect directly to most company websites and contact information from our site.

How to Use the Business Directory to Locate a Company

There are three ways to search:

  • View All Companies by scrolling down. They are listed alphabetically by business name, with numerical business names coming first on the list. You can also click on the 1st letter of the company name at the top of the list to jump around quickly.
  • Use the Search tool on the right side of the page to look up company names or business categories.
    Type in any word or terms that closely describes the name of the business or business category you are searching for; such as ‘Chamber’ or ‘Accountant’ or ‘Church.’ Next, you may scroll through the searched list to locate the business you want. Then click on your selection for additional information. Or, keep searching the refined list for all of your options.
  • Search by category by clicking on one of the business categories listed on the right side of the page. You can search through many categories such as ‘Accountants’, ‘Pool Services’ or ‘Retirement Center’ to browse for what you’re looking for.

Do You Want Your Business to Be Listed in the Business Directory?

If your business or organization has a Grapevine zip code address, we would love to have you listed in the online Business Directory at no cost. For more visibility, we can also place a company logo next to your Directory Listing for $25/per month. Please notify us by e-mail if you are interested, and we will contact you directly.

Expanded Business Profiles

We offer a comprehensive, Expanded Business Profile program, priced exclusively for Grapevine businesses and organizations at $300—a one-time cost. The Profile shares detailed information about the company, its services and any special offerings, coupons or upcoming events you have planned. If you are interested in this service, please notify us by e-mail, and we can showcase your organization online in the Business Directory.

Share Info

To share information about an upcoming event, a person or place in Grapevine —or a comment about something positive happening within the city — please submit copy (and a digital photo, if you like) by filling out the online Contact Us form below. Stay in touch!

We are Still Building and Constantly Updating…

The list is still being developed to include all the businesses in Grapevine. If you know of a business not listed here, send us a note telling us who is missing. If you know of a business listed here that is no longer in business, please tell us that as well. Our goal is to maintain updated information for you. Thank you!