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Lake Parks and Boat Ramps Officially Close

“Due to the incredible amount of rainfall we have received in the recent months, Grapevine Lake levels currently sit over 16 feet above normal pool and are projected to rise. As of Wednesday, May 22, all Grapevine Lake parks and boat ramps are officially closed until further notice.

Currently, there is no boat launch or pedestrian access to Grapevine Lake from the Grapevine side due to the elevated lake levels, flooded areas, and danger of submerged structures and debris. In consideration of the health and safety of the general public, the City of Grapevine urges patrons to not attempt access or enter any Grapevine Lake parks until further notice. These areas are mainly inaccessible and considered dangerous. The parks and boat ramps will have posted signage confirming their official closure. Patrons found inside the parks will be considered trespassing. These closures will be in effect until further notice, including throughout the Memorial Day weekend. View the closures map at

Boaters should stay near the center of the lake, at least 0.25 miles from the shoreline, to avoid danger or damage from submerged structures. Personal watercraft and paddlers should stay away from and off of all submerged and partially submerged structures. View the Grapevine Lake Hazards Map. This hazards map includes structures categorized as small, medium, and large to inform boaters on the water.”
Visit for up-to-date closure information