Mary Sweeney Howe

Custom Themes, Paintings, Murals

I am a local artist living and working in Grapevine. I have been painting since the age of 4, when my first artwork landed on my parents wall. I was standing on the back of their white leather couch and I drew a horse with a huge black crayon…this was my destiny as a mural artist!

I work in both mediums, arcylic and oil. By day I am painting the murals and individual art pieces; in the evenings, I teach art at Lifesong Studio in Grapevine.

The murals I design and paint (for businesses and residential), are custom themed murals, the most popular scenes are of Europe, especially the Italian countryside, villas and mountains. I also work on children’s themed murals, including Castle designs and popular children’s stories.

My commission art paintings are abstract in nature, mostly very vivid colors of nature with spiritual themes. Much of my inspiration comes from my experience working on theatre sets and the last ten years from my European travels to Ireland, England, Germany, Austria and a recent back packing/train trip throughout Italy.

Contact me:
Divine Inspirations;
817 488-1777 or 817 797-2126