Rhonda Lorkowski

Rhonda Lorkowski holds a master of Education from the University of North Texas and counseled students for 15 years. “Living with art and among artists definitely shaped my life. My earliest memories consist of painting still lifes in oil alongside my grandmother and sister,” Rhonda shares. Art is a part of her family’s tradition which includes generations of musicians, painters, and sculptors. Her first love is portraiture. The appeal of capturing a person’s essence – both physical, emotional and spiritual – which produces a likeness of the person from “the inside out” is the connection it evokes from the viewer of the painting. More than landscape, cityscape, seascape, abstract or still life, portraits can create mood and elicit feeling from the viewer.

The artist works in oil from free hand drawing – never tracing or copying. Her style is somewhere between realism and impressionism. Her inspiration grows from her travels to France, Belgium, Scotland, England, and Italy. Expect new works from her visits to Russia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany summer 2011. She states, “The visual impact of viewing great art in person is impossible to duplicate.” Rhonda recharges her “artistic batteries” at museums and cathedrals all over the world.
Artist’s statement: “I strongly believe in authenticity and the artist’s eye as she interprets the subject. That is, to me, what makes art – capturing a moment of truth. I hope others enjoy my vision.”

Rhonda Lorkowski, Original oil portraits and landscapes
Member, Grapevine Art Project
Contact: rhonda4home@earthlink.net
Now accepting commissions