Sue Jackson

Sue Jackson creates functional art from clay.

I love the beauty of nature, both the complexities and the simple lines. I want the owner of my pottery to enjoy the beauty of the piece and its functionality. Creating a piece of pottery with my hands – envisioning its form, contours and textures – brings me great pride and fulfillment.

“Initially I concentrated solely on wheel thrown pieces. As my creativity and experience has grown, I have expanded my art, using nature as my motivation to create hand built pieces. I enjoy combining thrown vessels with hand built pieces. I also am bringing other media- metals, wood, beads and fabric into my pieces.”

“Pottery is a very sensual as well as visual art form. I love creating the form and shape, adding texture, and then adding the glaze colors. Seeing the final result when the kiln is opened is like seeing the bud of a rose open and the beautiful fragrance scents the air.”

Sue Jackson, lives in Watauga, Texas with her husband and two dogs. Sue has two children, Katie, in graduate school at USC, and Christopher, a personal trainer in Keller. She’s an art teacher at an Elementary School in Arlington, Texas.

A graduate of San Diego State University, she taught school in Australia for two years. She enjoys traveling and learning about art in other countries and cultures.

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