Wine & Dine

Texas is well-known for its mouth-watering steaks, sizzling fajitas, chicken fried steak and creamy gravy, tasty barbecue, big storytellers and good times. And, Grapevine is no exception—we’ve got them all!  We also have great Texas wine to enjoy with great food and great people.

Grapevine is an original top five “Best Cool Spots in the Burbs!” by D Magazine, a popular lifestyle publication covering the community and culture of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

A vibrant, bustling center filled with sophisticated shops, galleries, music clubs, boutiques, and wineries. Shocking, but true…
D Magazine

You can walk downtown historic Main Street and dine at an outdoor cafe, enjoy a tasty margarita on a patio, or try one of the award winning restaurants throughout town; sampling the best that Texas has to offer. Grapevine restaurants are loved for their variety of cuisine, quality of ingredients, friendly service, icy cold drinks, and comfortable patios.

Along with a local offering of the best restaurants in the DFW area, Grapevine is huge part of the flourishing Texas wine industry. Grapevine has several wineries and tasting rooms represented around town. Happy hour, wine and food parings, community gatherings and special events are just a few of the reasons why you should spend some time indulging in the wine culture of Grapevine. There are also two tasting rooms inside DFW Airport to serve busy travelers.

Rule of Thumb
On wining and dining…
You don’t want the food to completely overpower the wine, and you don’t want the wine to be so strong that you can’t taste your food.

So, part of the fun while dining in Grapevine is to be daring and experiment with different wine and food pairings to learn what you enjoy the most.
Each year, GrapeFest- A Wine Experience offers a series of seminars on gourmet food and wine pairings. Meet world famous chefs and sommeliers, and learn what foods can enhance your wine experience.

Whether you’re traveling through or live around the corner, we’re online to help you pick a spot that’s just right for your taste buds. So come early and stay late. We’re glad you chose to wine and dine in Grapevine!

Use the links below to explore everything Grapevine has to offer, and come join us to wine and dine in Grapevine.

With so many great options to choose from, it can be hard to decide on where to wine and dine without some local recommendations. Below are just a few of our local favorites.

Local Favorites for the Best…