Tn_Dinner PlateGrapevine has more than 150 restaurants with in the city, offering every kind of food your heart desires. From family-owned establishments to the popular national chains, and from top dollar fares to budget all-you-can-eat places, there is a location close by.

Grapevine has tearooms, fine dining options, oyster bars, steakhouses and come-as-you-are dining all over town. You can even dine on a rainforest safari to the sweet sound of rain and gorillas. Outdoors, indoors, take out or delivery. It’s your call.

So whatever mood strikes you, explore the category list on the right side of this page. Whether you’re wanting a prime steak, enchiladas, or a tasty sandwich, Grapevine has it for you. You can dine alone, take a date or bring the whole family along. There’s a restaurant right around the corner for everyone’s taste buds and budget.